A digital pitch for a new, or re-branded fashion business – 3 great facts every marketer should know

Assessment 2: Digital Project The digital project is the practical, industry-focused element of this module. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your creative and digital skills, originality, and professionalism. You will have the opportunity to formulate and apply your fashion trend predictions to produce an informed brand focused response to those predictions. Formulate and […]

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Resistance to a king by the people – 5 profound reasons that this may occur, according to Mornay

Resistance to a King by the people Respond to one prompt with a short paper of 300-400 words ca.1. The St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre (1572), caused by King Charles IX’s order to kill Huguenot leaders, was one of the most terrible moments of the bloody French wars of religion. Jacques Auguste de Thou, a Catholic statesman, witnessed […]

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Renaissance and Early Modern Europe : 5 important facts to note

Renaissance  Questions for response paper, Week 7 Respond to one prompt with a short paper of 300-400 words   1. Analyze Erasmus’ and Luther’s opposing arguments in the support of their respective theses, namely the freedom or the bondage of the human will.  2. The two antagonists of the controversy argue their point with very different styles, tones, […]

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