Molecular Geometry – 5 easy ways to learn it

Molecular Geometry For the discussion, pick a topic of your choice that is related to this week’s reading material-Molecular Geometry.  Molecular geometries of molecules often play an important role in determining the properties and/or function of that molecule, especially in biological molecules. Take for example, protein folding, which is part of the post-translational process proteins […]

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Basic of chemical compounds : 3 interesting facts to note

Chemical Compounds This week we will be discussing the following examples (listed bellow) of Chemistry put to Work and Chemistry and Life. You may use these discussion prompts, or feel free to bring up your own topic for discussion that is related to this week’s reading material. Post a question that you feel needs more clarification […]

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Vaccines – 5 important facts no one talks about

Last week we looked at different aspects of the immune system, including the memory response. Memory responses have been utilized to develop some of the most effective preventative measures- vaccines.  Choose a vaccine and explain what type of vaccine it is, how it is manufactured, the immune response that takes place and the affect of […]

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