Ad campaign – 3 best ways to perform a rhetorical analysis

Major Essay 2: Rhetorical analysis of an ad campaign (100 pts)Choose a an ad campaign for a major product or company which has multiple ads and advertising formats. For example, consider: aerie campaign, or w new product from a fast food restaurant, or a new car, Progressive Insurance, Gieco Insurance, etc.  Print out, read, watch, […]

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Saudi Arabia solar and wind energy grand projects – 5 remarkable facts you need to know

Solar and Wind Energy Saudi Arabia is planning to commission several solar and wind energy grand projects, through its Vision 2030, which are expected to produce over 59 gigawatts of power over the next 20 years.   Discuss these national grand projects by trying to address the following points:  1. Viability of the projects and economic […]

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The Ways We Lie by Stephanie Ericsson Homeless by Anna Quindlen – 3 interesting facts to note

The Ways we Lie Paper 2:​ Write a five paragraph compare and contrast essay about any two essays from the following list. The paper must be APA Format (Times New Roman, 12 Font, and Double Space). Identify two common points/arguments and one different point/argument. This paper must include in-text citation. Essay Selections:“Disability” by Nancy Mairs“Fatso” […]

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​ 3 best ways to write an argumentative essay

Argumentative Essay Written Assignment 3:​ Based on the short story “The Use of Force” by William Carlos Williams (1938), write an argumentative essay based on ​one​ of the following questions. Take a position. Cover and reference page must be included. Does the doctor have a genuine concern about the patient? Is the use of force […]

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Are incarceration rates of Black people in the U.S. similar to or different from Blacks in other countries? – 5 shocking facts

Write a 2 page paper (typed, double spaced) where you will discuss your understanding of the factors contributing to mass incarceration in this country as compared to the factors that go into the determination of incarceration rates in other countries. I am particularly interested in your making the following distinction when exploring global comparisons in incarceration rates: What […]

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Alternative medicine : Compare and contrast the 5 remarkable use of alternative medicine in Mexico and Peru

ASSIGNMENT: CROSS-CULTURAL COMPETENCE Global Learning & Digital Communication Spanish-speaking countries have many things in common—a shared language, similar religious beliefs and attitudes, historical backgrounds, and, in many cases, proximity.  One important topic for further exploration is the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). 1. In order to expand on this topic please follow the instructions […]

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