Geo lab The Lithosphere and Plate Tectonics – 3 important facts no one talks about

Geo Lab Part A Your y-axis values should be in reverse with 0 m (sea level) at the top and 5500 m (or greater) at the bottom. Include another y-axis on the right-end of the cross section. plate tectonics There is no x-axis label and values for the cross-section. The legend should only contain the […]

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Bird Families of the South Pacific : 5 remarkable facts about them

§Part A: Bird Families of the South Pacific •Table 21.1 gives the bird families found on the major islands and island groups in the South Pacific (Also online)•1) Sum the total number of bird families in each island group and put these numbers on the respective island groups on the map (Map 22.1). •Draw ‘10-family’ […]

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