Economic growth : 5 surprising reasons why New Right perceive collectivism and the welfare state to be detrimental

Economic Growth Question 1Why did the New Right perceive collectivism and the welfare state to be detrimental for economic growth? What were the consequences of this belief?  (40 marks) (1,200 words) Introduction (+-120 words) :What is the new right? Historical Background- Key aims and objectives Main body (960 :§3= 320): §1 why do they want this shift? what […]

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Social Identity – 3 Interesting facts about this social problem

Discuss a social problem such as social identity. Relate theories and the theorists to it. Identify the NOBA chapter that discusses your topic. Introduction: Define a problem or question; think globally of the times we are in; the issue of climate justice. Use existing knowledge (i.e. literature review). Pursue and read relevant secondary research from social […]

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List 3 profound ways how COVID-19 pandemic has changed your local environment.

Explore how you are part of “living history.” Observe how human behavior and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic has changed your local environment. Spend several hours exploring your local area until you can draw a sociological map of the community, with emphasis on the commercial district. How are “mom and pop” small business stores […]

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Sexual repression – 3 important facts about its impact on modern society

Assignment SOC 3019 You are required to SELECT TWO of the following questions. Please note you are not permitted to use the same material in both answers – should you do so this could very likely result in a Fail being recorded. You have approximately 1000 words for each essay. 1. Critically evaluate the assertion […]

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But as the contemporary African material shows so vividly, the ‘global’ does not ‘flow – What are the 5 shocking evidences of inequality in globalization

Contemporary African Material In Week 4, you read: Saskia Sassen (2002) Global Cities and Survival Circuits (pp. 374-390). In The Globalization and Development Reader: Blackwell Press.James Ferguson (2007) Globalizing Africa? (pp. 25-49) Global Shadows. Duke University Press. In Week 5, you read:Farish Noor (2019) Don’t Mention the Corpses. BiblioAsia.Susan Mann (2008) Feminism and Imperialism, 1890–1920: Our Anti-Imperialist Sisters. […]

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