Do you believe it is ever appropriate to direct a couple in counseling

1-2(ppl replies below are from this question) Do you believe it is ever appropriate to direct a couple in counseling, or do you see counseling as a process of facilitating the unique personal goals of a client? For instance, when it comes to financial counseling with a premarital couple, do you tell them how to manage finances the “right” way, or do you approach this in another manner?

1.) Reply to this person thoughts.(150words and one resource&bible verse) Hello All, I found this week discussion to be interesting. I found it interesting because I believe in both methods. I believe it depends on the couple on which approach to take. With some couples it would be more effective to direct the couple in the “right” way, whereas it may be more effective to facilitate some couples. Some couples may need both direct and facilitative counseling methods depending on the subject. Let’s use the example of infidelity. Infidelity is a major issue in a marriage. One of the best ways to help a couple is to facilitate the forgiving process. Forgiveness is an essential part of a successful marriage. According to Fife, Weeks, and Stellberg-Filbert (2013) “Research indicates that forgiveness is a critical factor in marriage relationships and other family relationships” (p. 4). I believe forgiveness should be facilitated because it can help clients focus on four unifying factors (Fife, Weeks, and Stellberg-Filbert, 2013). The four unifying factors are: empathy, humility, commitment, and apology (Fife, Weeks, and Stellberg-Filbert, 2013). According to Fife, Weeks, and Stellberg-Filbert, (2013) “These unifying factors help the couple regain trust, solidarity, and connection, which were lost when the boundaries of the committed relationship were violated” (p. 5). I believe that it is appropriate to direct the counseling process on certain topics such as financial counseling. In my eyes financial matters are pretty much cut and dry. Do not spend more money than what is brought into the house on a monthly basis. Romans 13: 8 says “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves other has fulfilled the law (NIV). In actuality directive and facilitated counseling methods in martial counseling can be effective in financial planning and infidelity. I believe it’s a personal preference. I also believe that we should aware enough to realize which method best fits the couple. Reference Fife, S., Weeks, G., & Stellberg-Filbert, J. (2013). FACILITATING FORGIVENESS IN THE TREATMENT OF INFIDELITY: AN … Retrieved February 24, 2016, from

3-4(replies from this question here) Using the progressive, developmental model of aggression and violence, Figure 10.1 in the McWhirter text, as your framework, explain how juvenile delinquency develops over time and within context. Please include a discussion as to how the microsystems of community and neighborhood impact youth. 2.) Reply to this person thoughts. (150words and one resource with a bible verse) I believe the situation dictates whether counseling is appropriate or not. As a counselor, our goal is to process the facilitation of unique personal goals of client. Hawkins (1991) writes, “Christian couples must daily apply the counsel of wisdom to the details of life and let it shape their attitudes and behavior in every situation. Wisdom is the use of knowledge in a practical and successful way. The first prerequisite for wisdom is a right relationship with God”. When a couple seeks Christian counsel, they must understand their relationship with God first. Each counselor is different and each one knows his or her limitations. I have never officially counseled before but I would counsel every thing to the best of my abilities through scripture references and personal experiences from the start. If an issue arises and I know I am unable to assist, I will refer the couple to another counselor. I have never counseled a premarital couple, but, when it comes to an issue such as financial counseling, I would explain to the couple that each couple should discover what works best for them over time. I would give the couple some practical examples of financial planning/preparation and explain the way I handle finances because it works for me. All examples that I feel are appropriate and can be in good standing towards their issue, I would use to help. Deal (2012) discusses about overall premarital activity, more so about living together or as we slangly put it, shacking, and all that comes with that. If a couple that is not married comes to me for counseling and this issue is presented, I would listen and as Christian counselor, I would tell and show them the words from God about this ordeal. 1 Timothy 3: 16, 17 say, “All scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work.” In situations like this, you really have to be careful and make sure that it is not setting the energy between you and the client a negative one and approached with ease. What I have come to realize is that with counseling, everything has to be handled accordingly and delicately. References Deal, R. L. (2012). Dating and the single parent: are you ready to date? Talking with your kids, avoiding a big mistake, finding lasting love . Minneapolis, Minn.: Bethany House. Hawkins, R. (1991). Strengthening marital intimacy. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Book House

620……Reply to this person thoughts with 200wrds one resource and bible verse 3.) The developmental and ecological model shows the different factors that affect children and when those factors affect them the most. Early childhood is when it is the most important as many different factors can affect children such as their attachment and bonding with adults, the amount of discipline that they have, and how well versed they are in antisocial behaviors. Social factors, namely affiliation with deviant peers and low parental monitoring, play a more important role in mediating the association between poor attachment bonds and delinquency (De Vries, Hoeve, Stams, & Asscher, 2015). When children’s lives start this way they are more at risk for oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, rejection and academic failure, commitment to deviant peer cluster, then delinquency and violence. These are the outcomes and stages of children who go through life without the proper nurture, care, and learning. Antisocial behavior during adolescence can eventually lead to health problems, unemployment, and engagement in adult crime (Evans, Simons, & Simons, 2014). Children are influenced by their surrounding whether it is where they live or who they grow up around. They need secure caring relationships and to know that they are cared for. While this does not always mean that they will not become delinquents, it does decrease the chances of that happening. The area surrounding children is also very important. They need to be in a safe environment that does not promote violence or negative behaviors. Many factors go into juvenile delinquency, but it mainly comes down to teaching children at a young age what is appropriate and what is not. If a child does not learn that while they are young, then there is a much larger chance that they will continue down a negative path that will affect them for the rest of their lives. 4.) Reply to this person thoughts with 200wrds one resource and bible verse

The term delinquency is used to reflect the act of breaking laws. Juvenile delinquents are essentially young lawbreakers as the term juvenile is used to refer to young people. Juvenile delinquency is a result of both developmental and ecological effects on an individual. The developmental and ecological model of antisocial, delinquent, and violent behavior has been created in efforts to view the contributing factors in the development of delinquent, antisocial, and violent behaviors. The model suggests that factors such as society, community, and neighborhood are direct predictors of delinquent behavior. A theory which is also supported by the ecological model developed by Bronfenbrenner. Within the ecological model, Bronfenbrenner identifies five systems that contribute to individual development. The first level is the Microsystem, which is composed of an individual’s first points of contact such as family, school, friends, etc. Studies have shown a direct correlation between unemployment and juvenile delinquency in multiple cities. Juvenile delinquency also seems to be more prevalent in urban poverty stricken areas. Other contributing factors can be found within the home/family, rather it’s lack of effective discipline, lack of appropriate affection, poor bonding, or poor monitoring, or aggression in the home all of these factors work together to create the foundation of an individual, and rather they are susceptible to juvenile delinquency or not. The family and the school settings are primary source of social interaction for children. These environments can either prevent or encourage delinquent behavior.

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